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oh, hello. D:

eh. i don't know.

this is my third time attempting to search for a roleplayer partner in this sort of category. xD; i had a difficult time with some sort of friends who thought they were tight and basically hacked my shit. so if you and i were in a roleplay together before and i never responded, that's probably why.

so hi. my name is kiira, i'm sixteen. i have no limits. none at all. in fact, i'm okay with roleplaying porn. in fact it's basically encourage, honestly. i am a die roleplayer, though i can roleplay kyo. i can also roleplay other members of the band if needed and or if interested. n_n; ♥

i'm really nice, even though i tend to get backed up on emails! but i try to respond every day, if i don't then it's usually because of my homework as i'm in the majority of honors classes or i'm not on.

i roleplay through email, msn, or aim. if you're interested in being my kyo or die, i'm all for it. just leave me a comment or send me an email, etc. i'm also finishing up a die/kyo story, that i've been working on for a while now that has to deal with magic, enchantment, and betrayl. so i'll probably post that up soon, etc. xD;

i hope to hear from any of you soon. :D ♥
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