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Cupid's Deadly Arrow

Title: Cupids Deadly Arrow
Author: kawaiikyo
Pairing: DiexKyo
Rating: G
Genera: Romance
Summary: Kyo is fed up with holding in his emotions for Die, so on Valentines Day, he decides to give in to Cupid's love arrow and tell him how he feels.
Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own them. If I did, I wouldn't be sitting here, now would I?
Comments: Okay, I was bored and noticed that Valentines day was coming up soon, so I felt like making a cute Oneshot for it. Comment and tell me what you think! n-n Soory It's so short. This is my first time posting here! Comments are <3!!


Love. It is such a fragile thing. For the blond, it was never a good thing. He had been in so many relationships that he couldn't count them on one hand. He finally just gave up one day. He didn't want anything to do with love, relationships, or anything that resembled such things. That was until he realized he had a developing crush on the red head that was currently sitting not too far from him. The blond was siting on a comfortable couch on a brake that Kaoru had instructed them all to take. Said red head was siting on the other side of the couch, working on some cords on his guitar.

The blond blushed lightly as he scribbled some things down in his notebook he used for writing lyrics and poems. He had an empty card hidden in the notebook that was waiting to be filled with a message for the special someone on Valentines Day. That's right, it was Valentines Day. The small man decided that today was as good as any other day to confess to the red head. He cursed the cherib Cupid for pricing his heart with his love arrows.

The small one scribbled out something on his paper with a growl, making the red head look up from his guitar.

"Kyo, what the hell's wrong with you?" He asked as he sat down his guitar carefully and looked over to the little blond. Kyo looked up and blushed again.

"Nothing. Just can't get these damned lyrics right." He lied, making sure the guitarist wasn't looking at the pitiful excuses for little love poems on his paper. He had been trying to get it written right so he wouldn't screw it up when he wrote it on the card.

"Well, take a brake. You've been working all day on that." The red head said as he lounged back on the couch.

"No thanks, Die. I want to get this done with before the day is out." Kyo replied as he went back to work. Kaoru came in shortly, much to Kyo's dismay, and gathered everyone back up to continue practicing. Kyo kept thinking of that little card, but nothing came to mind for him to put in.

When practice ended, Kyo gave up. He scribbled down a short message and closed the card quickly. He looked around and sighed with relief when he saw that Die didn't leave yet. He grabbed his coat and put it on and swung his bag over his shoulders quickly so he could catch the other.

"Hey Die! Wait up!" He called to the other when he was about to walk through the door. Die stopped and looked at Kyo, tilting his head.

"What is it, Kyo? Need a ride home?" He asked, not use to Kyo calling him at the end of practice. He never really talked to him after practice and assumed he needed a ride home. Kyo walked up to him quickly and shook his head.

"No. I have something to give you though. Happy Valentines Day." He said quickly as he shoved the card into Die's hands, rushing out the door quickly. He stood outside of the building around the corner panting, catching his breath. He would have stayed, but this was embarrassing enough to him as it is.

Die looked down at the sickening cute card that Kyo had shoved into his hands. He could never have believed that Kyo, of all people, picked out this cute little card. He could see the grimacing look on Kyo's face when he picked this. This though made Die laugh as he opened the card. He read the note scrawled on the thick paper.

'All day today I was trying to figure out how to say this, trying to make a sappy poem or something for in here, but I came up with nothing. You know how bad I am with things like that. Well, I might as well just say it now. I have fallen for you and I can't get you out of my mind. I can't stop thinking of you. Every time I try to get you out of my mind, thinking that this is nothing, Cupid sticks me with another one of his fucking love arrows. Give me a call sometime. -Kyo'

Die reread the message over and over again. He couldn't believe what he was reading! Kyo, the person he developed feelings for, feels the same way about him! Die wanted to scream with joy, but refrained from it. He read the number scrawled at the bottom. He almost didn't notice the other small message underneath it.

'P.S. Wanna know how to have some real fun with Valentines chocolate? Come over to my place and I'll show you.'

Die blushed and grabbed his things quickly rushing out of the door. He turned the corner and noticed Kyo's car wasn't in it's usual parking space. With a big grin on his lips, Die rushed over to his own car.

"What the hell am I staying here for!" He started his car up and drove off.
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