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hihi i'm new!

Hi everyone my name is Shae
I've been a fan of Diru (and Kyo-sama in general) for many long years- since they formed in '97- and have written many fanfics.. now I just have to type them up! lol
I was actually wondering if someone could help me- y'see, I used to have this awesome die/kyo fic bookmarked on my computer, but when it crashed, I lost all my data. T^T I can't remember the name of it, but I remember the basic synopsis:
Kaoru sends Kyo home to write some new lyrics, Die comes over to help and eventually ends up telling Kyo of his feelings for him (duh!). In response, Kyo stabs his hand w/a safety pin and upon feeling the pain and realizing that it's not a dream, admits to his feelings as well, and then smut ensues... i think honey was involved as well.. *ponders the delicious prospect of Kyo smothered in honey..* *drools*
If anyone can help, I'll love you forever!!! ^^;
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