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Title: Mushi
Author: Die_with_smiles
Rating: PG
Band: Dir en grey
Pairing: implied Die/Kyo
Disclaimer: Artist own themselves and I own my words.

Summary: Kaoru eavesdrops...

Comments: Just something light I did at random some time almost two years ago.

::: :::

Die came up to Kyo today while we were trying to work. I tell him all the time that we need Kyo to stay focused but that jokester just doesn’t get it. So, anyway, he came up to Kyo when he was just about to take a seat to listen to the new music and write down some of those graphic lyrics he does. Of course, as one can figure, that didn’t happen because, yet again I must reiterate, Die came up saying ‘Kyo I need to see you…outside…will you come out there with me?’

Now, by the way Die said this sentence I should have figured that there was something going on. But no, I like to give all people the benefit of the doubt. Die sounded a little jumpy, as if Kyo would say no and never speak to him again if they didn’t go somewhere else right then. Deciding to be nice, I allowed them to take a moment. I should have listened to my instincts…

Not long after they got out of the room, the rest of us, as in Toshiya, Shinya and I, heard this coming through the door:

“Oh my GOD Kyo! It’s huge!”

So, naturally, we were curious, and worried in Shinya’s case, and made our way to the foreboding door…BUT, once we all got near the door and I, the leader, got ready to open it, we heard more.

“Yea, I know…”

So we listened.

“Want me to grab it?”

“Die…” Kyo seemed to whine, or something like that.

“Hold on…”

“…Die…D-Die please…”



Right after a gasp from Kyo, Shinya started nudging me, incessantly, and brought me back to my senses. They were doing...things out there!

“Guys! You can’t! Not here!” I swung the door open, ready to serve some justice, to find Kyo standing, back pressed up against the wall right next to the door and Die kneeling about a foot away from him. Between the two of them was a rather large beetle. They looked at me, both alarmed and confused.

“Kaoru? What the he-DIE!” Kyo shrieked as the bug inched closer to him.

Die snatched up the beetle, ran to the closest window and threw it out while I stood agape; feeling quite embarrassed. What was I supposed to expect was going on what with the sounds they were making? Plus we had just found out that they were a couple. Die then walked back to the hall, glancing at me on his way out.

“Can we help you Kaoru?”

Toshiya felt that now was the perfect time to make himself known. Now that he was safely back in his chair.

“Kaoru thought you guys were going to do things, ya know?” he had to put extra emphasis on the “things” not only with his voice but with finger quotes. Shinya buried his face further into the magazine he picked up to look less suspicious. This is when I realized that I was all alone. Those two had ran back to act innocent and left me to feel the combined wrath of protective Die and flustered Kyo. I had to defend myself.

“Well guys you were making pretty suggestive noises…” that didn’t help. Die’s face twisted into a frown, but it was no match for Kyo’s “I’ll get you roar monster” frown.

“You were listening to us?” Kyo questioned. I knew he was ready to pounce and gnaw on ears so I could hear no longer, so I ducked into the studio room and closed the door.

“Finish your talk!” I called from inside the room.

Lucky me that’s what they did.

If one would like to ask me, “Did you learn something from this Kaoru-sama?” I would like to say I don’t know.

Though I did learn that Kyo is afraid of bugs and it would make for a good prank.

::: :::

Comments warm me up at night~!
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