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index. rules. plot. claims. apply.

Eight years ago, in the year 2012, the third World War broke out, lasting four long years and leaving behind it destruction and devastation too great to measure. Death swept across each and every one of the seven continents in numbers incalculable to those who had survived. No corner of the world seemed to have been left untouched and nearly everything seemed destroyed beyond repair. Government, technology, economy--they were all left in ruins by this nuclear holocaust, quite literally leaving the survivors to build a new world from the ground up. This is one such story of a city who did exactly that. However, a different war is waging within the walls of the new city, and it seems that, before it even gets a chance at success, it may just destroy itself from the inside out.

sorry this doesn't have to do with Kyo/Die~ but, uh, it could, if we get the right players? :B
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