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[fic] Die/Kyo – Dir en grey - A New Home – Chapter 1/2

Title: A New Home; Chapter 1/2
Author: seinen_no and fonulyn
Rating: NC17 overall
Pairing: DiexKyo
Disclaimer: We own no one, only our dirty imaginations.
Summary: It’s just an ordinary Sunday morning up until Die almost chokes on his coffee due to Kyo’s sudden revelation. He has bought them a new house, and now they have to figure out how to pack all their belongings best to survive the moving.
seinen_no: Well well, we seem to be uber-slow these days. I apologize for that, but I don't even know why since thigns were going quite alright for me at least lately. Anyhow, we keep the fics coming quicker now (hopefully) to get it over with the Christmas fics XD I still hope you like it and enjoy reading! *hugs you all*

fonulyn: As you can see, we do write something else too than mere DiexKaoru XD This time out of a request though, as this is one more of our Christmas-present fics. Personally I like it a lot, the nice mood and how they simply are together building their life^^ There’s some smut too but not that much, this time it actually even has a plot too \o/ Oh, and Kaoru makes a big appearance here too! And I think I should mention that Die is a bit more hyperactive than usual, but I think it kinda fits him x) Please, do enjoy!

And feel free to add our journal if you like the stories!
Plus, the archive.

---> Click here for the story!

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