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[fic] Die/Kyo – Dir en grey – You Need a Little Patience – Oneshot [Chapter 1/1]

Title: You Need a Little Patience
Author: seinen_no and fonulyn
Rating: NC17
Pairing: DiexKyo
Disclaimer: We own no one, only our dirty imaginations.
Summary: Even before they got together Kyo had known that Die liked to drink and to party, but lately things seemed to be taking a turn to worse. It wasn’t that Die had developed a major problem with drinking or anything, he simply enjoyed parties too much to remember pay enough attention to his boyfriend, and Kyo was beginning to be fed up with it.
seinen_no: Heya! I hope you all had nice Easter holidays. Hmm, and I think I spare you my babbling and rather wish you fun with the fic. Yes, I know, it's again not DiexKao, but hey, it was a request and fonulyn and I do like DiexKyo too^^

fonulyn: I think it was nice to write some DiexKyo for a change, since those two were the first pairing I ever liked and it’s still kind of special for me^^ heh, this one is a tad bit shorter than our usual ones though, not with a spectacular long plot but it at least has one :D Also, Kaoru makes an appearance as a good friend trying to help x) Give it a go and please enjoy!

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Plus, the archive.

---> Click here for the story.

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